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Smoothie powder: nutrient-rich energy supplier You've probably heard of green smoothies before. These are fruit and vegetable drinks that contain many vitamins and nutrients, so they are particularly healthy. These smoothies can be made by selected fruits and vegetables themselves, although it is not uncommon for this to be quite cumbersome and you will need a blender. Green smoothies can of course also be bought ready-made, but here the selection is often very small and the price very high. Vitacare-Europe has a solution for this: smoothie powder or superfood powder, which you only have to mix with liquid and you can already enjoy a tasty and healthy smoothie. Superfood powder offers everything the body needs Healthy nutrition is not magic and you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen for it. With superfood powder, you can prepare delicious green smoothies in seconds and get optimal nutrition. With the smoothie powder, you can even prepare a tasty smoothie several times a day - whenever you feel like it. And you can do it without much hassle and without having to chop vegetables and fruits for a long time. One serving has just 36 calories, making the superfood powder a perfect dietary supplement even when dieting. Smoothie powder without artificial ingredients It is particularly important to us that our smoothie powder is provided exclusively with natural ingredients. You will also not find preservatives, binders and artificial colors in our Superfood Powder Made in Germany. Each smoothie consists of 26 valuable plant vital substances such as algae, roots, nettle, grape seed extract, wheat grass and also barley grass. Nature also provides the green color with spinach leaf powder, barley grass powder and artichoke leaves. Due to the composition, our smoothie powder is sugar-free, lactose-free and of course vegan. In addition, lactic acid bacteria have been added to the superfood powder, which is especially good for the gastrointestinal flora and strengthens the immune system. Just try our smoothie powder and convince yourself of this healthy and tasty nutrient bomb.